Trash the hotel. Let’s get drunk on the mini bar. Make the phone call. Feels so good getting what I want. Yeah, keep on turning it up. Chandelier swinging, we don’t give a fuck. Film star, yeah I’m deluxe. Classic, expensive, you don’t get to touch.

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I fold a piece of paper

And I put it in my pocket

Cause’ I’m about to board

The world’s first rocket


all i want // kodaline

so you brought out the best of me
a part of me i’d never seen
you took my soul and wiped it clean
our love was made for movie screens


Hunter by San Cisco. “You are numb from the grief and the pain/your heart is broken and it’s dripping from your veins/and you will never feel the same.”


Beach by San Cisco, they have become my new favorite band.


Metaphors - San Cisco


wild things // san cisco

the wild things will chase you down
they’ll steal your throne and break your crown
don’t ever look them in the eyes
you’ll only find a nest of lies